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Set up options

What is an option?

An option is a quality of a product the customer can customize on the product. For example if you sell T-Shirts, options could be "Color", "Size" or a textbox for "Custom text".

You can create as many options as you need. To show options on products, you have to add them to option sets. Learn about option sets: Set up an option set

You can reuse options across option sets which makes it super easy to update them and to create new option sets which are similar to existing ones.

Option types specify how the options should look on the storefront. There are 10 option types to choose from:

Customer selection
Image swatch (single or multi-select)
Color swatch (single or multi-select)
Radio button
Customer input
Text box
Multi-line text box
Number field
Date picker
File upload

Setting up options

1. Create a new option

Click the "Create option" button on the main page or the "Create new option" button on the option set page than choose the option type you want to create. If you create a new option from the option set page it will automatically be added to that option set.

2. Name your option and add values the customer can select from

Add a name to the option in the "Option name" field. The option name is what the customer can customize with this option (eg.: Color, Size, Custom text etc.). The name provided here is what the customer will see on the storefront.

Add values to the option in the "Option values" section. The values are the choices in the option the customer can select from, for example if the option name is "Color", values could be Red, Blue, White etc.. You can add as many values to an option as you want.

Input option types like Text box, Mult-line text box, Number field, Date picker, File upload don't have values.

3. (Optional) Add extra charges to values with price add-ons

With price add-ons you can charge extra if the customer selects a specific value.

You can set up price add-ons in two ways:

Specify an add-on price in the "Add-on price" field next to the value. This will create an add-on product that will be added to the cart along with the base product if the customer selects the value.

Link an existing product as an add-on by clicking the "Link product" button and selecting the product from the list. In this case if the customer selects the value the linked product will be added to the cart along with the base product.

Learn more about price add-ons: Create price add-ons

4. (Optional) Set additional settings for the option and values

Additional settings for the option

Option nickname: Internal name for the option that is not visible for the customer. By default it is the option name.
Required option: If this setting is enabled, the customer must make a selection to checkout.
Option description: Additional description for the option that will be visible to the customer under the option title. If you want to change the placement of the option description on the storefront, contact our support - we're happy to do it for you.
In-cart name: The name of the option in the cart. By default it is the same as the option name.

Placeholder text: Placeholder text when the option is empty. Only available for input option types: Text box, Multi-line text box, Number field and Date picker.
Allow multiple selection: If enabled, the customer can select multiple values in the option. Only available for image and color swatches. Checkbox is always multiple selection.
Maximum selectable values: Maximum number of values the customer can select. Only available for checkbox and image/color swatches if multiple selection is enabled.
Allowed file extensions: Allowed file extensions for upload. Only available for File Upload option type

Additional settings for values

Default: If it is checked in the value will be pre-selected on the storefront.
Image upload: The uploaded image will be shown on the storefront. Only available for image swatches and checkboxes (in additional settings).
Color picker: The color will be shown on the storefront. Only available for color swatches.
Value description: Text that will be shown next to/below the value on the storefront. Not available for dropdowns.
Enlarge image on hover: If enabled the swatch images will be enlarged if the customer hovers over them. Only available for image swatches.

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Updated on: 24/04/2024

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