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Set up an option set


What is an option set and what are options?

An option set is a collection of one or more options that you want to add to products. One option is a specific quality of the product the customer can customize (Eg.: Color) on the product.

Creating an option set

1. Click the "Create option set" button on the main page in the admin

2. Name the option set and add options to it

Add a name to the option set in the "Option set title" field. This name is not visible to customer. It's only for you so you can easily recognize the option set later on.

You can add options to the option set in the "Options" section in two ways:
Creating a new option by clicking the "Create new option" button and choosing an option type
Adding an option that you already created by clicking the "Add existing option" button and selecting the existing options you want to add from the list

You can change the order of the options by clicking the "⋮⋮" icon on the left and draging them to the right place.

Learn more about creating options: Set up options

3. Choose the products where you want to show the option set

To show the option set on the storefront you need to select the products where the option set should be visible.

You can do this in the "Add to products" section on the right either manually or automatically:
Manually: Select the products from the list where you want to show the option set
Automatically: You can automatically assign the option set to products based on Collection, Vendor or Product tag

The easiest way to add the option set to all the products is by selecting all the collections or listing all the vendors.

If you assign the option set based on Vendor or Product tag make sure you provide the name of the vendor or product tag exactly as it appears in Shopify. To add multiple product tag or vendor you can seperate them by comma.

Learn more about price add-ons: Create price add-ons

4. (Optional) Conditional logic: Set rules to show/hide options based on customer selection

In the "Rules" section you can add rules to show/hide options and/or specific values of an option based on what the customer selected. For example if you sell T-shirts and create a check box option to "Add custom text" on T-shirts, with conditional logic you can make the text input field only visible if the customer checked in the "Add custom text" option.

Each rule has 3 parts:
Rule name: This is only visible for you to easily recognize the rule later on
Rule condition: In the condition you can specify the customer selection when the rule should be applied. You can have multiple conditions in the same rule.
Rule action: In the action you can choose to show or hide specific values of an option if the condition is true. To hide the whole option select all the values. You can add multiple actions to the same rule.

Learn more about conitional logic/rules: Conditional logic: Show/hide options based on customer selection with rules

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Updated on: 28/03/2024

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