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How to use EasyFlow with page builders?

You can use is EasyFlow with page builders by showing the options with the EasyFlow app embed

Follow these steps to show the options:

Open the theme editor
On the top left click "App embeds" and enable the EasyFlow app embed

Save the changes

When you turn on the app embed we automatically try to recognize where to show the options on your product page. However, in some cases the app won't "find" where to put the options and in that case the options won't show on the product page.

If the options still don't show on the product page follow these steps to fix it:

The following steps require some coding knowledge, if you're unsure feel free to contact our support we're happy to do it for you.

Open the product page on the storefront where the options should show
Hover over the element (eg.: Quantity input box) above which you want to show the options
Right click on that element and from the dropdown click "Inspect"

Find the element in the storefront source code above which the options should show

Copy the name of the last class of the element (eg.: product-form__quantity)

6.On the "Customization & settings" page in the app add .product-form__quantity in the "CSS selector" field. Don't forget to include the . before the class name

In the "CSS selector" field you can provide any valid CSS selector, the app embed will be placed above that element.

Troubleshoot issues when options don't show on the product page: Options do not show on the product page?

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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