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How to hide add-on products from the storefront?

When you create a price add-on by providing a price in the "Add-on price" field next to the values, we create an add-on product in your shop that will be added to the cart along the base product if the value is selected by the customer.

These add-on products are automatically hidden from storefront search, SEO and existing collections.

However, these products can appear on pages where you show all the products or in collections that were created after the app was installed.

Hide the add-on products from pages showing "All products"

1. Create a new collection that includes all the products except the add-ons

Go to "Collections" under Products and click the "Create collection" button at the top right.

Add a title to the collection (Eg.: Products).

Change the collection type to "Automated" and set the condition to "Product type is not equal to 23p_po_generated". This collection will include all current and future products that are not automatically generated by the app.

2. Change "All products" to the new collection in the theme editor and/or navigation

In the theme editor or navigation where you currently show "All products" change it to show the collection that you created.

Hide the add-on products from new collection

To hide the products from automated collections, do the following:
Open the collection where add-on products appear
Add a new condition that "Product type is not equal to 23p_po_generated". Make sure that products must match "all conditions"

Save changes

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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