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Disable removing add-ons/changing add-on quantity in cart

This functionality highly depends on the theme that you're using and might not work on your theme. If you have issues with it, please contact our customer support so we can make it work on your theme.

You can make sure that the add-on product can't be removed from the cart and the quantity of the add-on product can't be changed in the cart.

Steps to enable this funcitonality
Go to the "Customization & settings" page in the app
Check in the "Disable removing add-on products from the car" setting

Save the changes

For this functionality to work you'll need to have the EasyFlow app embed enabled in your theme. To do that, open the theme editor and in the "App embeds" section on the left enable the EasyFlow app embed.

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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